Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib Al Hasan, previous commander of the Bangladesh Cricket Team, has been allowed a two-year boycott for his contribution in defilement. The ICC said in an announcement gave on Tuesday that Shakib Al Hasan was seen as blameworthy of abusing three arrangements of the Anti-Corruption Code, which he has additionally conceded. As per the ICC, Shakibul Hasan has been prohibited from playing all types of cricket and he won't have the option to play worldwide and household cricket for a long time.

2.44 of the arrangements of the ICC Anti-Corruption Code, including Shakib-ul-Hassan, were accounted for by the staff in January 2018, as indicated by which they neglected to give subtleties to the Anti-Corruption Unit. ۔ According to the condition, Shakibul Hasan was welcomed for defilement and didn't give full subtleties. As indicated by condition 2.44, in the 2018 IPL version of the match between the groups of Sun Rise Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab, they were welcomed for debasement on 26 April.

They didn't give subtleties to the Anti-Corruption Unit. As per the ICC, Shakibul Hasan has admitted to all the charges and was condemned to two years. Be that as it may, on the off chance that he figures out how to take the ICC's Anti-Corruption Unit into certainty, he will have the option to play global cricket again from October 29, 2020. Shakibul Hasan communicated his lament over the ICC boycott and said he laments that he neglected to give full subtleties to the ICC however acknowledged the boycott. As indicated by Shakib Al-Hassan, he needs to see cricket liberated from defilement for which he will be in contact with the ICC's Anti-Corruption Unit and needs the newcomers to commit the error that they have not made.

ICC senior supervisor Alex Marshall says Shakibul Hasan is an accomplished player and has been a piece of various instructional classes on debasement in cricket. They ought to have educated the Anti-Corruption Unit in regards to the contacts of the analysts. As per him, Shakib Al Hasan has admitted to his slip-up and guaranteed that he would coordinate completely. It ought to be recollected that before, numerous players have been sentenced for contact with stasters and for stuttering.Pakistani quick bowlers including Amir Salman butt and others. Shakibul Hasan has played 56 Tests, 206 ODIs and 76 T20 matches for Bangladesh up until this point.

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