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Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, is one of Pakistan's most compelling media. The executive, Imran Khan, has demonstrated specific eagerness with its inclusion.

Rahman had showed up before NAB for the second time on Thursday to respond to the agency's inquiries regarding the land being referred to. He was thusly captured in the wake of neglecting to fulfill authorities with his answer.
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As indicated by NAB, previous head administrator Nawaz Sharif had illicitly rented the land to Rahman in 1986.

Catch will deliver Rahman before a responsibility court tomorrow for his physical remand.

The sources additionally said that he was captured after the endorsement of director NAB.

As indicated by the notification gave on February 28, a duplicate of which is accessible with Dawn.com, Rahman had been called to show up before NAB on March 5 to record his announcement in regards to the land dispensed to him in 1986 in Block H, Johar Town Phase 2 "by then boss priest Punjab Mian Nawaz Sharif infringing upon the important laws and rules".

As per an official explanation gave by the Jang Group, the property "was purchased from a private gathering 34 years prior and all proof of this was given to NAB".

The announcement kept up that the present appearance was for the confirmation of the objection, yet Rahman was captured. It likewise blamed the counter join guard dog for harboring a quarrel against the distribution.

"During the previous year and a half, NAB has sent our journalists, makers, and editors [...] over twelve notification taking steps to close down our channels [...] because of our revealing, and projects about the counter corrupton guard dog."

"Seize has additionally, through a few methods, attempted to convince us to go moderate, to stop stories and to help others in out to the detriment of the full truth.

"We won't stop any correspondent, maker or grapple from any story that is on merit, and simultaneously will incorporate NAB's variant," the announcement read, including that the agency has denied all the charges and guaranteed they are autonomously seeking after all cases.

On March 5, The News had announced that Rahman had showed up before the counter defilement guard dog and had educated the agency that he had bought the land from a private proprietor and that he had proof of the equivalent.

Rahman had said that he was cheerful that the guard dog and the courts would choose the case reasonably.

Addressing the media outside, he had said that comparable allegations had been leveled against him in the past as

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