Sharjeel Khan

The Lahore High Court has given requests to expel the name of the sentenced cricketer Sharjeel Khan from the Exit Control List (ECL) in Sport fixing.

Sharjeel Khan was condemned to 5 years in prison for the spot-fixing during the second period of Pakistan Super League (PSL).

In August 2017, Pakistan Cricket Board forced a five-year prohibition on cricketer Sharjeel Khan associated with the spot-fixing embarrassment for any cricketing action. Sharjeel Khan must serve a five-and-a-half-year suspension sentence, which closes August 10.

PCB has additionally permitted Sharjeel Khan to play residential cricket toward the finish of the recovery after the punishment was settled, while the board says that Sharjeel Khan's name will likewise be remembered for the PSL Draft yet it will be utilized on establishments. Contingent upon whether they like them or not.

After the previously mentioned sentence, cricketer Sharjeel Khan, through his legal advisor Sheehan Ijaz, documented an appeal in the Lahore High Court mentioning that since there is no request pending against him, his name is Remove from ECL.

Sharjeel Ijaz, legal advisor for cricketer Sharjeel Khan, said that the name of Nasir Jamshed, who was engaged with the case before Sharjeel Khan, has additionally been expelled from the ACL.

The court requested the evacuation of the sentenced cricketer Sharjeel Khan from the ECL inside 7 days in the PSL 2 spot-fixing case.

The 29-year-old Sharjeel Khan has spoken to Pakistan in one Test, 25 ODIs and 15 Twenty20 internationals while Sharjeel Khan was governed out of the English County Leicestershire contract because of his contribution in spot-fixing. Had contracted to play a Twenty20 match.

Strangely, when Leicestershire marked the arrangement with Sharjeel Khan in September 2016, the then CEO of the district was Wasim Khan, who is presently the CEO of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

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